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Introduction - Health Columns and Other Writings / Elaine Bethke


Preface / John A. Frantz, M.D.


Introduction to Expert Patients / John A. Frantz, M.D.

New Additions

Virtual and Egregious Plagiarism / John A. Frantz, M.D., February 1, 2013
Why I Am Not A Mormon / John A. Frantz, M.D., March 17, 2013
Reinventing Fire (Book Review) / John A. Frantz, M.D., July 27, 2012
Put Drug Patents to Work for Everyone / John A. Frantz, M.D., May 14, 2012
Unfamiliar Quotations / John A. Frantz, M.D., March 8, 2012
Marijuana Should Be Quasi-Legal / John A. Frantz, M.D., October 17, 2011
US-Trained Physician Demystifies the Canadian Health System / John A. Frantz, M.D., Nov. 16, 2011
Of the Money, by the Money, for the Money / John A. Frantz, M.D., January 28, 2012
Quakers / John A. Frantz, M.D., Revised January 12, 2012
A Bizarre Psychiatric Consequence of Mammalian Anatomy and PhysiologyJohn A. Frantz, M.D., Revised January 8, 2012
Perspectives on Abortion from Sixty Years of Medical Practice / John A. Frantz, M.D., Revised January 6, 2012

Expert Patients

  Asthma / John AS. Frantz, M.D.
  "Borderline" Diabetes / John A. Frantz, M.D.
  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / John A. Frantz, M.D.
  Congestive Heart Failure / John A. Frantz, M.D.
  Gout / John A. Frantz, M.D.
  High Blood Pressure / John A. Frantz, MD
  Limits To Nature's Wisdom II (Emphysema) / John A. Frantz, M.D.

Migraine Headaches / John A. Frantz, MD


Panic Attacks and Hyperventilation Syndrome / John A. Frantz, M.D.


Peptic Ulcer Disease (stomach ulcers) / John A. Frantz, M.D.


Varicose Veins / John A. Frantz, M.D.

Staying Healthy

  Bioflavonoids / John A. Frantz, M.D.
  Diet and Exercise / John A. Frantz, MD
Do-it-yourself Podiatry / John A. Frantz, MD
  Esoteric Nutritional Information / John A. Frantz, M.D.
  A 50 Year Hindsight about Dietary Fat / John A. Frantz, M.D.
  Flacking for Big Pharma / John A. Frantz, M.D., December 12, 2011
  How Did You Get Your Sweet Tooth? / John A. Frantz, M.D.
  Job Satisfaction / John A. Frantz, M.D.
Medical Common Sense about Athletics / John A. Frantz, M.D., June 9, 2011
  Morbid Inactivity / John A. Frantz, MD
  On Attaining Age 80 / John A. Frantz, M.D.
  Paranoia / John A. Frantz, M.D.
  Peaceful Interactions between Plants and Animals / John A. Frantz, MD
  Safety Is Knowledge Plus Attitude / John A. Frantz, M.D.
  Salt Consumption-Personal & Professional Encounters with Salt / John A. Frantz, M.D.
  Sound Bytes and Sound Bites / John A. Frantz, M.D.

So You Want To Lose Weight / John A. Frantz, M.D.


Traveler's Diarrhea / John A. Frantz, MD


Vitamin B 12 / John A. Frantz, MD

Alternative Medicine

  All Substances Are Poisons / John A. Frantz, M.D.
  From Paradoxical Pyridoxine to "Glyconutrients" / John A. Frantz, M.D.
  Herbal Remedies / John A. Frantz, M.D.
  Herbs: Promtional and Chemical Warfare / John A. Frantz, M.D.
  Mithraism & Acupuncture / John A. Frantz M.D.
  Tolerable Upper Limits / John A. Frantz, M.D.

Public Health

  The Biology of Cannibalism (Mad Cow Disease) / John A. Frantz, M.D.
  Bottled Water / John A. Frantz, M.D.
  Diseases of Civilization / John A. Frantz, M.D.
  Don’t Sell Routine Immunizations Short / John A. Frantz, M.D.
  Influenza Vaccinations / John A. Frantz, MD
  Kitchen Hygiene / John A. Frantz, M.D.
  Marriage as a Public Health Measure / John A. Frantz, MD
  Public Health and Intellectual Property / John A. Frantz, M.D.
  Public Health and Terrorism / John A. Frantz, M.D.
  Small Pox, Poliomyelitis and the United Nations / John A. Frantz, M.D.

Reproductive Health

  AIDS / John A. Frantz, M.D.
Amazing Teachers VI - E. Stewart Taylor / John A. Frantz, M.D. and Mary H. Frantz, M.D.
  Birds and Bees in the Twenty-First Century / Mary H. Frantz, M.D.
  Endocrine Disruptors / Mary H. Frantz, M.D.
  Ever Since Adam and Eve, Book Review / John A. Frantz, M.D.
  Perspectives on Abortion from Sixty Years of Medical Practice / John A. Frantz, M.D.
  RU486 / Mary H. Frantz, M.D.

Recreational Drugs

  Alcohol / John A. Frantz, M.D.
  The Biology of Addiction / John A. Frantz, M.D.
  Caffeine / John A. Frantz, M.D.
  A Family Conversation About the Drug War / John A. Frantz, M.D. and Mary H. Frantz, M.D.
  Lessons from Tuberculosis / John A. Frantz, M.D.
  Marijuana Should Be Quasi-Legal / October 17, 2011

Performance Enhancing Drugs / John A. Frantz, M.D.


Public Health & Recreational Drugs / John A. Frantz, M.D.


So You Want To Quit Smoking / John A. Frantz, M.D.

End of Life Decisions


I don't have to eat broccoli - George Bush / John A. Frantz, M.D.


Notes For A Health Care Agent / Mary H. Frantz, M.D.


The Ultimate Gift / Mary H. Frantz, M.D.


Tube Feedings / John A. Frantz, M.D.

Medical Basic Science

  Antibiotic Resistance / John A. Frantz, M.D.
  Genetic Paradoxes / John A. Frantz, M.D.
  Iodine, Glaciers and Goiter / John A. Frantz, M.D.
  Lessons From The Arctic / John A. Frantz, M.D.
  Limit's To Nature's Wisdom / John A. Frantz, M.D.
  Miscellaneous Clinical Precepts / John A. Frantz, MD
  More to Obesity than Overeating? / John A. Frantz, MD
  Second Wind / John A. Frantz, M.D.
  Some "Laxatives" Are Not Laxatives / John A. Frantz, M.D.

Stem Cells & Cloning / John A. Frantz, M.D.


Why All Of Us Don't Get Tuberculosis / John A. Frantz, M.D.

Other Science & Technology

  The Age of the Earth / John A. Frantz, MD
  Atolls / John A. Frantz
  Better Gas Mileage in Town than on the Highway / John A. Frantz, MD
  Bicycle - Mechanical Evolution/Social Development / John A. Frantz, M.D.
  Biofuels Challenges / John A. Frantz, M.D.
  Biology's Integrating Insights for Medical Science /  John A. Frantz, M.D.
  Bizarre Results of Carbon Capture and Storage / John A. Frantz, M.D.
  Building and Organic Farming Codes / John A. Frantz, M.D.
  The Clathrate Gun Hypothesis for Runaway Global Warming / John A. Frantz, M.D.
  Climate Change: Its Reality and Its Mitigation / John A. Frantz, M.D.
  Common Sense Planning For Global Warming / John A. Frantz, M.D.
  Generic Scientists / John A. Frantz, M.D.
  Global Warming / John A. Frantz, M.D.
  Hybrid, The History and Science of Plant Breeding / John A. Frantz, M.D.
  Impending Global Warming Demands a New Discussion of Nuclear Power  / John A. Frantz, M.D.
  An Innovative “Treatment” for Emphysema / John A. Frantz, M.D.
  Longitude and the Speed of Light  / John A. Frantz, M.D.

Nuclear Disarmament / John A. Frantz, MD


An Open Letter to Ethanol Factories / John A. Frantz, MD


Optical Isomerism and Thalidomide / John A. Frantz, M.D.


Radar, Astronomy, And Opthalmology / John A. Frantz, M.D.

  Reinventing Fire (Book Review) / John A. Frantz, M.D., July 27, 2012

Remarkable Creatures (Book Review) / John A. Frantz, M.D.


Safe Use of Cistern Water / John A. Frantz, MD


A Super-Insulated Home / John A. Frantz, M.D.


Sustainability in Agriculture / John A. Frantz, M.D.


Termite Digestion / John A. Frantz, M.D.


Thorium: Alternative Energy for Future Generations / John A. Frantz, MD


Tips for Hybrid-Electric Driving / John A. Frantz, M.D.

  A Very Brief History of Radio Astronomy / John A. Frantz, M.D.
  What could be Less Toxic than Water? / John A. Frantz, M.D.

Social Commentary

  Academic Myths (including postmodernism) / John A. Frantz, MD
  Affirmative Action, Cuban Style / John A. Frantz, M.D.
  Alternative Marriage circa 1960 / John A. Frantz, M.D.
  Anecdotes from my Public II / John A. Frantz, M.D.
  Anti-Semitism and the Dark Ages / John A. Frantz, M.D.
  Approaching The Koran, Book Review / John A. Frantz, M.D.
  The Beautiful Tree (Book Review) / John A. Frantz, M.D.
  A Beneficial Consequence of Gay Liberation / John A. Frantz, MD
  Christian Science / John A. Frantz, M.D.
  Driving under the Influence / John A. Frantz, M.D.
  Fortune Telling 101 / John A. Frantz, M.D.
  The Gay Marriage Amendment / John A. Frantz, MD
  The Language Police / Mary H. Frantz, M.D.
  A Lesson from Marco Polo (monotheism) / John A. Frantz, MD
Lessons from ProhibitionJohn A. Frantz, MD
  Let's End The War on Terror / Marc Eisen

Magicians and Superstition / John A. Frantz, M.D.


Major Nuances in Population Control / John A. Frantz, M.D.


An Obligatory Preamble to Legalizing Marijuana / John A. Frantz, M.D.

  An Open Letter to Chinese Leaders and Lesbians / John A. Frantz, M.D., March 2, 2011

Primate Archeology / John A. Frantz, MD


Quakers / John A. Frantz, M.D.

  A Voyage to India 1864 / John A. Frantz, M.D.

September 11, 2001 / John A. Frantz, M.D.


Tantrums / John A. Frantz, M.D.


An Unintended Consequence of Literacy / John A. Frantz, M.D.

  War and Sex (Book Review) / John A. Frantz, M.D.
  Why I Am Not A Missionary / John A. Frantz, M.D.

Economics & Politics

  Adoption, Science Advisors, and the Gulag / John A. Frantz, M.D.
  Agribusiness and Original Sin / John A. Frantz, MD
  Atypical Thoughts on Taxes and Estate Planning / John A. Frantz, MD
  Collapse (book review) / Jared Diamond
  Consensus Conferences (Xenotransplantation) / John A. Frantz, M.D.
  Corporate Personhood / John A. Frantz, MD
  The Divine Right of Capitalism / John A. Frantz, M.D.
  Economics and Global Warming / John A. Frantz, MD
  Flacking for Big Pharma / John A. Frantz, M.D., December 12, 2011
  The Great Turning from Empire to Earth Community / John A. Frantz, MD
  History Forgets Hostages / John A. Frantz, M.D.
  Let Us Give Drug Companies a Choice / John A. Frantz, MD
  The Mystery of Capitalism, Book Review  / John A. Frantz, M.D.
The Next Decade by George Friedman / John A. Frantz, M.D., August 12, 2011
  Of the Money, by the Money, for the Money / January 28, 2012
  The Patients' Bill of Rights / John A. Frantz, M.D.
  Prescription Meds, Consequences of Advertising / John A. Frantz, M.D.
  Public Health, Public Costs, and Public Benefits / John A. Frantz, M.D.

Put Drug Patents to Work for Everyone / John A. Frantz, M.D.


Scientific Literacy and Political Leadership / John A. Frantz, M.D.


Small Farmers and World Nutrition / John A. Frantz, MD


Unintended Consequences of Health Insurance through Employment / John A. Frantz, M.D.


The UN Takes on Obesity & the US Takes on the UN / John A. Frantz, M.D.

  US-Trained Physician Demystifies the Canadian Health System / Nov. 16, 2011

Vioxx and its Ilk / John A. Frantz, M.D.


Wealth and Our Commonwealth, Book Review / John A. Frantz, M.D.


The Young Physician Encounters Big Pharma / John A. Frantz, M.D.

Miscellaneous Writings

  Agnotology / John A. Frantz, M.D.
  Amazing Teachers I - V / John A. Frantz, M.D.
Amazing Teachers VII / John A. Frantz, M.D.
  Asking the Right Question / John A. Frantz, MD
  A Bizarre Psychiatric Consequence of Mammalian Anatomy and Physiology / John A. Frantz, M.D.
  Childhood Memories from Afghanistan / Winifred Frantz Hoffman
  Did Man Create God?, Book Review / John A. Frantz, M.D.
  Don't Wake Me Up For A Sleeping Pill / John A. Frantz, M.D.
  Due Diligence in Naming Diseases / John A. Frantz, MD
  Identification Friend or Foe, A Precursor of Music Appreciation? / John A. Frantz, M.D.
  An International Anthem / John A. Frantz, M.D.

Mark Twain's Moral Pauper / John A. Frantz, M.D.


Sortie into Linguistics / John A. Frantz, M.D.


Stone Age Diet / John A. Frantz, M.D.


Thirteen (Advanced?) Do-It-Yourself Ideas / John A. Frantz, MD


Thoughts About New Orleans and Katrina / John A. Frantz, M.D.

  Unfamiliar Quotations / March 8, 2012
Virtual and Egregious Plagiarism / John A. Frantz, M.D., February 1, 2013

What do Whales Need to Know about SCUBA Diving? / John A. Frantz, M.D.


Why Chinese didn't discover the World / John A. Frantz, M.D.


Why I Am Not a Mormon / John A. Frantz, M.D.