John A. Frantz, MD &  Mary H. Frantz, MD







Drs. John and Mary Frantz are well known and respected medical doctors each with almost 50 years of service to the Monroe Clinic and its patients.  Except for a short break when they (accompanied by their children) served as Peace Corps volunteers in Afghanistan, John and Mary have been active members of the Monroe Clinic staff, providing quality health care for Monroe and vicinity. 


True adventurers, whose vacations are to this day more likely to be hiking or bicycling in obscure parts of the world or clearing brush to better a favorite park than relaxing in a fancy resort, Drs. John and Mary Frantz are multi-faceted with many varied interests and abilities.


One mutual talent they have both discovered is writing informational articles. 


Dr. Mary has enjoyed writing and developing her skill with words for most of her life.  She has written many articles on a variety of subjects; but perhaps her highest moment as an author came when her article “Ultimate Gift” was published by Free Inquiry.  This article, which received considerable recognition and was the result of much study and research, explores the current shortage of donated bodies for use in medical research, explains reasons why this shortage exists today, and looks at possible solutions, emphasizing the importance of there being bodies available for scientific and educational purposes.   This article and others by Mary are included in the anthology.


For years, Dr. John Frantz thought of Mary as the writer in the family.  Then, things changed when he was elected to office on the Monroe City Council.  After election to the Council, due to his medical knowledge and experience, Dr. John was named Chairman of the Board of Health.  A chance comment by a city official noting that the local newspaper, The Monroe Times, was “the official voice of the City Council” got John thinking—a Chairman of the Board of Health could perform a valuable service to the community via a series of informational health related articles.  After negotiating with the newspaper and some struggles getting the creative processes set up, Dr. John Frantz submitted his first article to the Monroe Times.  This was aimed at germ awareness and spoke of the refrigerator door handle as being “the most dangerous item in the kitchen”.  With his lifetime of healthcare experience and a wry outlook on life, Dr. John found he had no shortage of ideas and has been writing ever since finding a ready audience for his perceptive comments on medicine, science, history and life in general.  Besides his newspaper column, high points in this new hobby have been seeing his words and ideas in print in “Free Inquiry” and other publications. 


Dr. John Frantz says in retrospect about plunging so actively into a new discipline late in life, “Writing isn’t so hard.  I learned to write by a lifetime of talking and thinking.”  With the enthusiasm of one always excited about a new endeavor, he adds, “I might end up being the Grandma Moses of Journalism though I may be starting too early at 77!”


Over time, there have been requests by patients, co-workers, and the public to have access  to the articles written  by the Frantzes.    With  the  help  of  Dick  Halvorson  and

numerous typists and editorial assistants, the many articles of Dr. John and Dr. Mary Frantz have been compiled into this publication which will be available for sale in the hospital auxiliary gift shop, Clare’s Closet.  This composite book featuring the articles of both Dr. John and Dr. Mary Frantz is an opportunity for readers to benefit from their extensive knowledge and to enjoy their unique perspective on life. 


Dr. John and Dr. Mary Frantz are excited to share this collection with you and hope you will find education, insight and entertainment from their efforts.


Elaine Bethke

Secretary, Clinic Administration

Also, friend and sometimes consultant on literary matters

August 16, 2002






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