Gay Marriage (letter to the Editor)


        Something occurred to me soon after the so-called Marriage Amendment passed the Wisconsin Legislature early in 2006: Just as homosexual people arise from heterosexual marriages, surely heterosexuals would similarly originate from homosexual households.  I looked for research reports from the last five years that were pertinent to this question and found 34 such reports.  All but one of them were quite reassuring that my surmise was correct. The exception was a small study of boys adopted into gay male households. It neither supported nor refuted the supposition that this would increase homosexuality. The other 33 reports concluded that adoption itself increases disturbed behavior in children but does not increase homosexuality in those adopted by gays or lesbians (or in children raised by single mothers).

       Anthropologists and historians have found homosexuality in all human cultures studied.  Homosexuality is also obvious in both species of chimpanzees with benefit to the entire tribe because it motivates the non-dominant males to stick around and strengthen the entire tribe against hazards of the jungle.  Many of the 33 reports mentioned that prompt adoption of children is highly desired even if only singles or homosexuals are available as adoptive parents. 

     Therefore, the Marriage Amendment will not discourage homosexuality and might indirectly prevent some difficult adoptions from taking place at all to society’s significant disadvantage.


John A. Frantz, MD, April 3, 2006